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KCC Evening TT - Old 9.4

KCC TT - Old circuit

KCC Evening TT - Old 9.4

KCC TT - Broughton

KCC Evening TT - Old 9.4

23-07-15 Old 9.4 Evening TT

The run in to the end of the 2015 season has began with the first of 5 9.4 mile TT around the Old circuit. 38 riders took to the start with good conditions although a head wind along the Draughton airfield section made the going tough for the 2nd half of the circuit. Gavin Hinxman continued his great form by winning outright with an amazing time of 20.58 beating Mark Weathersby into 2nd place by over a minute and a half. Tony Brown completed the top 3 with a 22.44. Fastest lady of the evening was Gemma Royles with a 24.25. Winning road bike rider was Jamie Tuttle with a 25.01 and fastest junior was Jonah Shrive with a 24.53.
Here are the full results.
Gavin Hinxman (TT) 20.58
Mark Weathersby (TT) 22.37
Tony Brown (TT) 22.44
Dave Bucknall (TT) 22.52
James Cook (TT) 23.27
Maxine Johnson/ Eddie Smith (2up TT) 23.37
Jon Thorne (TT) 23.54
Alan Houghton (TT) 23.56
Jamie Stockham (TT) 23.58
Gemma Royles (TT) 24.25
Neil Key (TT) 24.46
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 24.53
Sue Rust (TT) 24.59
Jamie Tuttle (Road) 25.01
Jen Moffat (TT) 26.14
Rob Campbell (Road) 26.14
Barton Crewes (Road) 26.25
Jerome Smith (TT) 26.30
Adrian Read (Road) 25.25
John Robinson (TT) 25.30
Jerome Smith (TT) 26.30
Iain Calleghan (Road, Come and Try) 26.33
Robbie Brightman (Road, Junior) 26.43
Martin Keable (TT) 27.10
Paul Blaxley (Road) 27.11
Mike O'Conner (Road) 28.34
Tom Bailey (TT) 29.24
Mick Wood (TT) 29.58
Bernard Smith (TT) 33.10
John Tilly (TT) 33.27

Welland Valley Rockingham 10 TT

On Tuesday night Mark Weathersby and James Cook took part in the Welland Valley CC 10 mile TT held on at the Rockingham Speedway in Corby. The race covers 6 and 3/4 laps of the oval race course. Although there was a very strong wing making the uphill section very difficult both Mark and James rode there 2nd fastest 10 of the year. Mark finished in 23.19 and James in 24.07. Overall winner was James Garrett of Welland Valley with a 21.25.

25-07-15 N&DCA Round 7 Guilden Morden 25 TT

On Saturday three club members rode the N&DCA 25 at Guilden Morden on Saturday. Weather was warm and breezy which was awkward in places Maria Gent clocked 1:26:23; Tom Bailey managed 1:17:25 for his first 25 of the season and Mick Wood did 1:19:32. The winner was Luke Clarke TMG Cycling Team with 54:07

26-07-15 National Veterans Championships, Hirwaun Wales

Sunday morning found Gavin Hinxman back in Wales for a wet & windy 25 at Hirwaun for the National Vets Championships on this popular course.
The weather had put quite a few riders off with several riders sending in their apologies.
Gavin had a target of 51.36 to beat Tony's club record & at the end finished in 51 mins 9 seconds, a 49 second improvement on my previous PB ride on the same course last week.
He ended up fastest overall, nearly 1 min faster than Pete Lawrence (Team Swift)
The National Championship for veterans is decided on "Vet's standard", the allowance given based on your age. Gavin finished with a "plus" of 16 mins & picked up the National bronze medal. The winner "on standard" was Derek Stewart of Deeside Thistle with a "plus" of 20 mins.

NDCA Rockingham 23-07-15

Thursday 23rd saw the second of the Rockingham scratch races.
Two KCC riders, Tom Greasley and James Simons-Boswell took to the track. Tom was in need of a single point to make his 3rd category licence, however things did not look promising as neither rider admitted to feeling very good after warming up!
The race was a bit stop start, as the 2nd/3rd category race took their foot off the gas which caused the 4th category racers to catch them and sit in their wheels for several laps.
This meant that all the 4th category groups came back together, making a bunch finish look extremely likely.
With Two laps to go Tom caught a lift up to the front of the group where James was lurking. As Tom came off his lifts wheel James jumped to collect him and began to put the power down and stretch the group out behind. As they took the bell for the last lap James was still on the front with Tom on his wheel. With a quarter of a lap to go James peeled off having done as much as he was able, Tom was able to fight for seventh place in the sprint finish, this gave Tom the points needed to gain his 3rd category licence. Report by KCC Road Race Secretary James Simons-Boswell.

16-07-15 Old x2 18.8 TT

The 2nd and last of the 2 18.8 mile Old TT's took place on Thursday night. Conditions where good with a warm night and a tail wind on the long Mawsley to Foxhall section. With the race for the championship hotting up 3 riders are still in serious contention. David Robinson's chances may be slipping away with his second puncture in a row. This leaves him with a deficit of 89 points. David Bucknall continues his good form finishing 2nd and gaining the 4 places over James Cook which he needs to catch James by the end of the season. James suffered a mechanical failure as his front brake fell off and became lodged in the front wheel, loosing valuable time on the first lap. He managed to get going again and finished in 6th.
Returning from his great result in the European Triathlon championship where he finished 6th overall and first British finisher Tony Brown took the win with a 44.59. George Evans continued his great season again taking the junior class and finishing 3rd overall with a 47.21. Sue Rust took the ladies showing she is really flying on her new TT bike taking the ladies with a 51.33.

Tony Brown 44.59
David Bucknall 46.38
Marcus Buksh/Sian Edwards (Tandem) 47.14
George Evans (Junior) 47.21
Jon Thorne 48.04
Stuart Warren 48.43
James Cook 50.33
Simon Frost 51.01
Tony Baross 51.26
Sue Rust 51.33
Jen Moffat 52.50
Jonah Shrive (Junior) 52.53
Barton Crewes 55.11
Martin Keeble 55.12
Robbie Brightman (Junior) 56.50
Tom Bailey 59.36
Mick Wood 60.12
Paul Blaxley 61.36
Paul Gray 61.44
Maria Gent (Junior) 64.09
Bernard Smith 67.17
John Tilley 71.14
David Robinson DNF

Realteam 25 TT, Glynneath

Gavin Hinxman traveled to Glynneath in South Wales to race in the Realteam 25 mile TT.
Gavin lowered his PB from a 52.19 to a 51.58.
Luckily the rain had stopped & it had got quite warm although it was a little breezy.
Kieron Davies of drag2zero lowered his pb from 47.19 to 46.53 for the win.

09-07-15 Old x 2 Evening TT

The KCC Evening time trial series has now moved on from the Lamport course to its home for the rest of the season. The Old course which was used a couple of weeks ago for the Family Friendly TT is a 9.4 sporting course starting just outside the village of Old. The route goes from Old past Mawsley, through Foxhall, past the Draughton airfield to Lamport where it returns to Old for the finish. Thursday's TT saw the first of a pair of 2 lap races totaling 18.8 miles. Conditions where great, a warm evening with virtually no wind.
Overall winner was Mick Hodson of St Ives CC with a 41.40. Not only winning the event but taking the course record by 6 seconds which was previously held by Sam Barker.
Winning KCC rider was Stu Jones with a 45.21. Continuing his great form of the season George Evans won the Juniors with a 47.19 and finishing 6 overall. Leading lady was Gemma Royles with a 49.54.

Stu Jones 45.21
Chris Duckworth 46.20
Mark Weathersby 46.48
David Bucknall 46.50
David Robinson 47.05
Sian Edwards/Marcus Buksh (Tandem) 47.09
George Evans (Junior) 47.19
Mark Booth 47.44
Chris Brennan 48.04
Eddie Smith/ Maxine Johnson (2 Up) 48.11
Andy Fairley 48.30
Gemma Royles 49.54
Mark Evans 51.10
Ian Wilson (Come and Try) 51.26
Philip Gray 51.41
Sue Rust 51.42
Adrian Read 52.20
Jen Moffat 52.59
Barton Crewes 53.58
Martin Keable 54.27
Robert Cambell 54.42
Jerome Smith 54.53
Dave Hudgson (Come and Try) 54.56
Mike O'Conner 58.25
Tom Bailey 60.00
Mick Wood 60.47
Mick Wood 60.47
Paul Blaxley 62.20
Maria Gent (Junior) 63.59
John Tilley 69.11
Bernard Smith 70.32
Jon Thorne DNF

50 Mile Championship TT 12-07-15

On Sunday at 6.30am 7 brave (or crazy) riders met just outside of Earls Barton for the KCC 50 Mile TT championship race. The course takes in 6 laps of an 8 mile course which starts just of the A45 at Earls Barton. The route then proceeds onto the A45 before taking the Great Doddington junction and back tracking along the A45 to the Billing junction where the riders once again return to the A45 to head back to Earls Barton. There was a fairly strong headwind on the stretch towards Billing which made the going hard.
Gavin Hinxman took the win and in the process set a new course and club record with a 1.46.05. David Robinson was on track to take a strong second but just after the start of his 3rd lap his race was cut short with a puncture. This allowed James Cook to beat his 3rd of last year and take his best race finish ever with a 2nd. Maria Gent took the double with the ladies and juniors title and a great 3rd overall.

Gavin Hinxman 1.46.05
James Cook 2.11.18
Maria Gent (Junior) 3.02.20
Sue Rust DNF
David Robinson DNF

TT Championship Update

The KCC TT championship points are now available online on the KCC website. Here is the address.
With 9 rounds and 270 points still available the championship could not be closer. The latest update is that James Cook is currently wining with 476 points narrowly in front of David Bucknall with 471. David Robinson is just behind with 445
The road bike series is slightly more open with Simon Frost in the lead with 404, John Thorne is in 2nd with 353 and Sue Rust is in 3rd with 328

08-07-15 VC10 TT

On Wednesday Darren Cope and James Cook traveled to Tring to take part in the VC10's club TT. The course which is one of the fastest in the country runs along a fast duel carriageway with a large downhill section in the middle. Unusually for the course there was a strong head wind on the longest section of the course which meant the times where slower than usual. Overall winner was Tim Allen of RP Racing Team with a 21.20. Darren was 42 seconds of his course PB with a 24.42 whilst James was 41 seconds of his 10 mile PB with a 23.39.