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KCC Evening TT - Old 9.4
Timekeeper: Tony Brown
Timekeeper: Sue Davys
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Mike O'Connor
Marshal: Gemma Royles

KCC TT - Old circuit
Timekeeper: Mark Booth
Assistant: Martin Keable
Marshal: Sue Rust

KCC Evening TT - Old 9.4
Timekeeper: Gavin Hinxman
Timekeeper: Roger Reed
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Jennifer Moffat
Marshal: Mark Weathersby

KCC TT - Broughton
Assistant: Paul Mellon
Marshal: Ken Vatcher

KCC Evening TT - Old 9.4
Timekeeper: Michael Church
Timekeeper: Liz Parsons
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Daniel Bates
Marshal: Alan Houghton
23-07-16 Real Team 25 mile TT at Hirwaun, Wales

Gavin Hinxman took a 350 mile round trip to ride in the Real Team 25 at Hirwaun in Wales.
Conditions were typically Welsh, wet but surprisingly calm.
Gavin rode his first 30mph plus 25 recording a one and a half minute PB and breaking the 50 minute mark with a 49.28. This is a new club record and was fast enough for 9th place overall.

14-06-16 Old 18.8M TT

With the 2nd visit to the Old circuit this season the KCC TT'ers were finally blessed with a summers evening. With the prospect of the KCC Summer BBQ later in the evening a bumper turn out of 26 riders was well received. For the last time this season the riders navigated the 9.4 mile course twice giving a total distance of 18.8 miles. Although the weather was greatly improved the wind across the Draughton Aerodrome was still strong enough to make the going difficult. Making the most of the windy conditions and showing the benefit of racing a tandem when the wind blows new Tandem pairing of Alan Houghton and Daniel Bates set the fastest KCC time of the evening. This pairing are looking good to becoming the 3rd holders of the men's tandem 10 mile club record this season, watch this space.
In the backwards and forwards battle between championship rivals Tony Brown and David Robinson, Tony narrowly beat David to the win this week with a 44.37 compared to David's 44.41. Finishing 3rd and continuing her fantastic season whilst also being fastest lady was Sue Rust with a 49.12. Fastest road bike was Alan Spencer with a 54.40. The action at the top of the Juniors class is really hotting up as Charlie Stockham showed some real class with his longest ever none stop ride and finishing with exactly the same time as stalwart junior winner Maria Gent, both with a time of 59.53. even more remarkable as Charlie is on a road bike.
Alan Houghton/Daniel Bates (Tandem) 44.23
Tony Brown (TT) 44.37
David Robinson (TT) 44.41
Eddy Clutton/Jamie Scott (Corley Cycles) (2 Up) 47.03
Sue Rust (TT) 49.12
Jon Thorne (TT) 49.24
Marcus Buksh (TT) 51.09
Drew Kimball (TT) 53.15
Alan Spencer (Road) 54.50
Jerome Smith (Road) 54.54
Jen Moffatt (TT) 54.56
Jon Benn (Road) 55.44
Tom Bailey (TT) 59.44
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 59.53
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 59.53
Mick Wood (TT) 61.12
Bethany Spencer (Road, Junior) 64.31
Will Philips (Road) 23.22 (1 Lap)
John Tilley (Road) 35.00 (1 Lap)
Mick Hodson (TT, St Ives CC) 41.14
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 44.06
John Hardwick (TT, Corley) 44.25
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 48.52
Michael Church (TT, RFW) 53.34

17-06-16 Earls Barton KCC 50 Mile Club Championship

The 3rd of the 3 Club Championships was held on Sunday morning over 6 laps of the Earls Barton A45 course. The 50 mile total TT distance was ridden by a record turn out of 10 riders including some riders attempting the distance for the first time. Gavin Hinxman completed the hat trick of Championship wins with a course PB and new course record time of 1.43.32. Reversing Thursday night's result David Robinson beat Tony Brown into 2nd with a 1.57.14 compared to Tony's 1.58.10. Fastest lady and setting a new club record for the 50 mile on her first ever 50 mile TT was Sue Rust with a 2.13.38, amazingly setting the same time on his first ever 50 was Martin Keable. Fastest junior knocking an amazing 20 minutes of her PB for the distance was Maria Gent with a 2.40.11. James Cook also PB'd for the distance knocking 2 and a half minutes from his previous best set 2 years ago.
Gavin Hinxman (TT) 1.43.32
David Robinson (TT) 1.57.14
Tony Brown (TT) 1.58.10
James Cook (TT) 2.08.05
Noel Toone (TT) 2.12.34
Sue Rust (TT) 2.13.38
Martin Keable (TT) 2.13.38
Eddy Clutton (TT)2.15.04
Marcus Buksh (TT) 2.20.42
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 2.40.11

07-07-16 18.8M TT Old

The KCC evening Time Trial series has now left the Lamport course and moved to the Old 9.4 mile sporting course. the first 2 visits to this venue cover 2 laps giving a total of 18.8 miles. It was a warm and dry evening although there was strong head wind along the Draughton Aerodrome straight. Normally this section of the circuit gives some respite after the uphill slog of the first 5 miles but this was not the case. With the absence of both Tony Brown and Tim Hartley the way was open for David Robinson to take the clear victory, winning with almost a 4 minute margin to 2nd place rider James Cook. James PB'd for the event knocking over 30 seconds off his previous best time. Rounding off the podium was Mark Booth with a 48.34. Fastest lady was Sue Rust who is seemingly unstoppable in the lady class with a 50.12. Fastest road bike was Will Philips with a 48.56 and fastest junior who only decided to take part shortly before the event started was Harriet Evans with a 61.23. Also setting a PB with a massive margin was Martin Keable who knocked 3 minutes 26 seconds from his previous best time.
David Robinson (TT) 44.47
James Cook (TT) 48.29
Mark Booth (TT) 48.34
Will Philips (Road) 48.56
Jon Thorne (TT) 49.35
Sue Rust (TT) 50.12
Martin Keable (TT) 51.01
Eddy Clutton (TT) 51.03
Simon Frost (TT) 54.48
Jenny Moffatt (TT) 55.57
Jon Benn (Road) 57.05
Mike O�Conner (Road) 60.56
Tom Bailey (TT) 61.07
Harriet Evans (Road, Junior) 61.23
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 62.29
Jamie Stockham (TT) 23.58 (1 Lap)
Gemma Royals (TT) 23.59 (1 Lap)
Mick Hodson (TT, St Ives CC) 43.15
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 43.55
John Hardwick (TT, Corley) 44.03
Peter Brooks (TT, 45RC) 47.36

10-07-16 10M TT Broughton

The 3rd of the seasons 4 visits to the Broughton 10 mile TT course took place on Sunday morning. It was a muggy and warm morning but with a very strong headwind on the way out making for a very fast return on the homeward leg. Gavin Hinxman made one of his infrequent visits to the club TT scene and took the overall win with a time of 20.29. Tony Brown took 2nd with a 21.52, finishing off the podium was David Robinson with a 22.21. Sue Rust took the ladies win and in the process broke the lady's 10 mile TT club record with a 24.31. Adrian Gorham and Jason McClean took hold of the gauntlet recently thrown down my Marcus Buksh and James Cook and took the mens Tandem 10 mile record with a 23.08 knocking over 2 minutes from Marcus and James time (although their time was set on a much, much slower course). Fastest junior was Maria Gent who also set her course PB for the 2nd time in a row with a 29.06.
Gavin Hinxman (TT) 20.29
Tony Brown (TT) 21.52
David Robinson (TT) 22.21
James Cook (TT) 23.01
Rob Barker (TT) 23.07
Adrian Gorham/Jason McClean (Tandem) 23.08
Will Philips (TT) 24.14
Sue Rust (TT) 24.31
Jon Thorne (TT) 24.44
Martin Keable (TT) 25.09
Eddy Clutton (TT) 25.16
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 29.06
Mick Wood (TT) 29.56
Tom Bailey (TT) 29.56
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 21.59

06-07-16 Cyclones Go Ride Series Rockingham

KCC cyclones Goride series (6/6) at Rockingam Speedway. A great evenings racing with 23 riders including representation from Welland Valley and Rutland Velo. Some close racing around the outer oval. 'Battle of the evening' goes to Dominic and Huw in the u12s!! A fierce but friendly rivalry forming!!
U8 Girls - 1, Katie Stockham 2, Jamie Toomey
U8 boys - 1, Thomas Jones 2, Charlie Guest 3, Jake Bird
U10 girls - 1, Sky McCann 2, Amie Toomey
U10 boys - 1, Ruben Hickman 2, Eddie Hennah 3, Billy Brookes
U12 girls - 1, Eve McCann
U12 boys - 1, Huw Wilson 2, Dominic Bell 3, Louie Houghton
U14 boys - 1, Josh Brown 2, Charlie Stockham 3, Izaac Simons Boswell
U16 boys 1, Thomas Simmons (Rutland)

06-07-16 10M TT V718 Hull

Darren and Michael Cope rode the V718 course on Wednesday evening. Conditions were very good with a slight SE breeze They both PB'd. Darren did 21.41 for 6th place overall and Michael did 22.45 for 18th from 90 riders. The event was won with 20.09 by Shawn Gough of Tuxford Clarion.

06-07-16 15M TT Norwich

On Wednesday evening Gavin Hinxman travelled to Norwich to ride the CC Breckland 15 on the A11
Weather was good with a moderate breeze
Gavin missed the Hull 15 this year as the date clashed with the club championship 25 so decided to ride this one.
Gavin lowered his pb & club record by 1min 14 secs to record 30.09 for the 15 miles
Winner was Charlie Nurse (North Norfolk Wheelers) in 29.52

10-07-16 100M TT Stockton-on-Tees

On Sunday morning Noel Toone travelled to Stockton on Tees to take part in his first 100 mile TT. It was a dry but windy morning. Noel recorded a time of 4 hours 32 minutes and 15 seconds, beating his 22mph average target time by 28 seconds. Overall winner was pre TT favourite Ryan Perry with a 3:23:52.

19-06-16 KCC Women's Tour Sprint Challenge

With the arrival of the Aviva Womens tour once again visiting Kettering, KCC decided to hold the 200 meter sprint challenge on their stall in the town centre in a repeat of last years event...
71 riders took part and these where split into men. women and youth's (under 18).
Chris Barrett took the fastest man with a 9.82 seconds, closely followed by KCC rider James Cook with a 9.89 seconds. Finishing off the podium was KCC rider Jamie Stockham with a 10.32.
Fastest lady was Emily Menzies with a 13.07, 2nd was Amy Mullett with a 13.32 whilst 3rd was former Brompton World Champion Isabel Hastie with a 13.41.
Alex Barker took the win in the junior category with a 11.12. 2nd place and completing a great competition for the Stockham family was Charlie Stockham with a 11.88. Completing the podium with a 12.51 was perennial club junior TT winner Maria Gent

19-06-16 ECCA 100M TT Newmarket

Gavin Hinxman rode his one & only 100 of the season this weekend.
It was the Eastern Counties Cycling Association 100 on the E2, near Newmarket.
He had a start time of 05.30 so the alarm clock had to be set for 02.00am!
Conditions were near perfect with just a rising wind as the event went on.
Gavin targetted to beat 3hrs 50min and smashed that with a 13min pb recording 3hrs 38 min and 2 seconds.
Pre- event favourite, Richard Bideau, Pendle Forest CC recorded the 2nd fastest 100 of all time with 3-22-16.

16-06-16 Lamport 10M TT

With this season's Lamport events in full swing, riders were met with heavy showers and hailstorms coming into the 10 mile TT on Thursday 16th June. Fortunately, the skies cleared in time for the start and the only obstacles left were numerous puddles along the course. A gentle North-Easterly breeze aided the return leg and a number of competitors set PB's.
David Robinson continued his attack on the championship with a win in 23.39. Alan Houghton, having missed Testing since April, took a resurgent second with 25.29, and Sue Rust claimed her maiden podium and fastest lady of the night with 25.52.
Maria Gent was fastest junior at 30.40, and we welcome Charlie Crabtree (38.55) to the world of Time Trialling, the third new junior to join us this year.
Report by Martin Keable
John Tilley (Road) 38.52
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 30.40
Eddy Clutton (TT) 29.38
Tom Bailey (TT) 32.56
Bethany Spencer (Road, Junior) 33.22
Rob Bing (TT) 26.34
Jon Thorne (TT) 26.12
Alan Spencer (Road) 29.29
Sue Rust (TT) 25.52
David Robinson (TT) 23.39
Martin Keable (TT) 27.14
Alan Houghton (TT) 25.29
Charlie Crabtree (Road, Junior) 38.55
John Dainty (TT, RFW) 27.26
Sarah King (TT,PSW) 24.32

25-06-16 Dunstable RC 10M TT Tring

KCC rider Michael Cope rode the Dunstable RC 10 mile TT at Tring on Saturday. The drive down there was terrible with the roads flooded and monsoon rain. However, in between the storms he managed a 1.58 PB with a time of 24.23, along with a 20W power PB.

25-06-16 25M TT Newmarket

KCC riders Gavin Hinxman and Sue Rust took part in the Zac Carr memorial 25 mile TT at Newmarket on the fast E2 course. Sue Rust recorded her fastest 25 mile time and broke the hour with a 59.17. Gavin Hinxman broke a chain at the 10 mile mark while averaging 30.7 MPH a sub 50 minute time was on the cards, maybe next time.

25-06-16 N&DCA 20.8M TT Lamport

Round 6 of the N&DCA series saw 54 riders brave rain and wet roads on the Kettering CC�s 20.8 mile course that took in Lamport and Old.
Rider numbers were down for this year�s event but this was made up for with quality. Pre-race favourite was Jon Simpkins (Drag 2 Zero), Jon being the course record holder with 45:17. The wet conditions failed to slow riders down as first on the day was Felix Barker (Cambridge University CC) with 44:45, taking the course record by over 30 seconds.
Jon Simpkins produced a very rapid ride for second in 45:49. Third spot went to Christophe Demoulin (Peterborough CC) with another sub 46 minute ride of 45:59. Christophe also being the first Association rider home. First place in the ladies event went to Association rider Jackie Field (CC Ashwell) with 50:27. Second place went to Sarah Short (Bonito Squadra Corse) with 54:11 and third was Wendy Gooding (St Ives CC).
3 KCC riders took part there times were: Jamie Stockham 52.30(course best by 1.30) Michael Wood 1.05.37 and Maria 1.05.56, who was also 2nd of the juniors.

23-06-16 10M TT Lamport

Another night of bad conditions met the riders for the penultimate Lamport 10 mile TT of the season. Although the wind was low the high air pressure and constant wet conditions led to most riders recording slower times than usual. There were a couple of exceptions with both Alan Houghton and Mike Cope both recording PB's. Marcus Buksh and James Cook rode an all male KCC Tandem for the first time and set a new Club record of 25.27 in the process. David Robinson continued his clawing back of Tony Brown in the championship by beating Tony to first place with a 23.29 compared to Tony's 24.10. Rounding off the podium was Tim Hartley on his new bike with a 24.40. Fastest lady was Sue Rust with a 26.50. Fastest road bike and fastest junior on his first un-chaperoned TT was Charlie Stockham with a 33.0.3 only 9 seconds from his PB.
David Robinson (TT) 23.29
Tony Brown (TT) 24.10
Tim Hartley (TT) 24.40
Mark Booth (TT) 24.59
Alan Houghton (TT) 25.19
Marcus Buksh/James Cook (Tandem) 25.27
Will Philips (TT) 26.09
Chris Old (TT) 26.40
Jon Thorne (TT) 26.48
Sue Rust (TT) 26.50
Martin Keable (TT) 27.03
Mike Cope (TT) 27.12
Drew Kimball (TT) 27.43
Sue Davys (TT) 30.16
Mick Wood (TT) 31.46
Tom Bailey (TT) 32.00
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 33.03
John Tilley (Road) 38.20
Mick Hodson (TT, St Ives CC) 22.45
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 23.58
John Dainty (TT, RFW) 27.36

03-07-16 Finsbury Park 50M TT Sandy

Early Sunday morning Noel Toone rode the Finsbury Park 50 on the A1 from Sandy to just north of Stevenage. Although Noel went slower than he did earlier in the year he improved compared to other riders so was happy with the result. Noel recorded a time off 2.13.34. Overall winner was Johnathan Shubert of Arctic Tacx RT with a time of 1.46.21).

29-06-16 City Road Club 10M TT Hull

Gavin Hinxman rode the City Road Club Hull 10 on Wednesday night, on the V718 course which is fast becoming Gavin's second home. The weather was windy but dry in the end; although there was a heavy down pour 1 hour before the start. R. Perry from Langdale Lightweights defied the conditions to record a 18.02 for a win by 44 seconds.
Gavin was 6th with another 30+mph ride of 19.36, his 3rd fastest time ever & his 6th time under 20 mins.

30-06-16 KCC 10M TT Lamport

KCC Testers breathed a sigh of relief at the prospect of dry roads for this week's Lamport 10 mile TT. Unfortunately the south westerly breeze that usually plagues the airfield section of the course also returned, catching a few riders out with their pacing
Tony Brown got back to winning ways with a solid 23:30. Runner-up and first lady, Sue Rust came in at 26:07, and battling to his first podium of the season was Jon Thorne with 26:19.
Fastest Junior was Maria Gent with 31:04 and, storming to his first accolade with the club, Charlie Stockham (Junior) was fastest road bike of the night in 32:38. Well done Charlie!
Further congratulations go to Louie Houghton (Junior) on his debut with the club who, along with his dad, Alan, claimed fastest Tandem with 27:24.
A big Welcome to the club for Chris Old, riding his first TT outing with us in 26:34. And a welcome return to Drew Kimbell after a long hiatus, his second TT this year in 27:13.
Report by Martin Keable
Tony Brown (TT) 23.30
Sue Rust (TT) 26.07
Jon Thorne (TT) 26.19
Chris Old (TT) 26.34
Drew Kimball (TT) 27.13
Martin Keable (TT) 27.20
Marcus Buksh (TT) 27.22
Alan Houghton/Louie Houghton (Tandem/Junior Stoker) 27.24
Phil Gray (TT) 27.56
Alan Spencer (TT) 29.28
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 31.04
Mick Wood (TT) 31.36
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 32.38
Bethany Spencer (Road, Junior) 32.43
John Tilley (Road) 38.50
Sue Davys (TT) DNF
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 23.33
Duncan Andrews (TT, C&T) 26.03
Warren Drew (TT, RFW) 26.09
John Dainty (TT, RFW) 27.44