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KCC Evening TT - Lamport

KCC Evening TT - Lamport

KCC 25 Championship TT - Old circuit

KCC Evening TT - Lamport

KCC Evening TT - Lamport

Getting Into Gear

Eleven eager young cyclists keen to learn more about using and applying their gears were not disappointed when they turned up to the club's youth Go-Ride session at a sunny Buccleuch Academy last night. The conditions were perfect for the hilly climbs and descents planned to test gear selection and riding technique. Get it wrong and pay the price!
By the end of the session everyone clearly had improved as they swerved and weaved with speed around the cones and poles like true professionals!

Please note that from June our Go-Ride Youth sessions will be changing from a Tuesday night to a Monday night at 7-8pm at the same venues on the same rota. Apologies for any inconvenience or disappointment this may cause. Exact times and location can be found on the club calendar.

21-05-15 Lamport 10 Mile Championship TT

The first of the trifecta of KCC Championships events kicks off with the KCC 10 mile Championsip. This was held on the Lamport course and with good conditions a packed field of 42 riders took to the start. The course was cut slightly short down to 9.7 miles as there was a large event taking place at Lamport Hall, so the times are slightly faster than usual due to this. Overall winner was Joel Lewis with a time of 21.00. Overall KCC winner and winner of the 10 mile Championship was Gavin Hinxman with a 22.30. Narrowly beating Chris Duckworth by 9 seconds. We are all (maybe not Gavin) looking forward to see Chris push Gavin in all 3 championship events. Finishing off the podium was David Robinson with a 23.14. Fastest Road bike was John Hardwick with a 24.15. Winner of the ladies competition was Gemma Royles with a 26.06 and fastest Junior was George Evans with a 24.27.
Here are the full results:
Gavin Hinxman (TT) 22.30
Chris Duckworth (TT) 22.39
David Robinson (TT) 23.14
Tony Brown (TT) 23.16
Stu Jones (TT) 23.19
James Simons-Boswell (TT) 23.35
Daniel Bates (TT) 24.02
Mark Booth (TT) 24.12
John Hardwick (Road) 24.15
George Evans (TT, Junior) 24.27
Sian Edwards/Marcus Buskh (Tandem) 24.32
Matt Tyrell (TT) 24.35
Neill Hammond (TT) 24.36
Maxine Johnson/Eddie Smith (2 Up) 24.39
Alan Houghton (TT) 24.58
Tony Baross (TT) 25.14
Jon Thorne (Road) 25.24
Simon Frost (Road) 25.35
Darren Cope (TT) 25.36
Eddie Clutton (TT) 25.36
Martin Keable (TT) 26.02
Gemma Royles (TT) 26.06
James Cook (TT, chain broke and ran the last 100 meters) 26.06
Richard Reddins (TT) 26.20
Pete Dewsnap (Road) 26.39
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 26.49
Sue Rust (Road) 27.13
Chris Brennan (TT) 28.14
Jake Gatehouse (TT, Junior) 28.24
Chris Tew (TT, Junior) 30.08
Sue Davys (TT) 30.10
Mick Wood (TT) 31.18
Evelyn Clawson (TT) 32.41
Maris Gent (TT, Junior) 32.41
Simon Gatehouse (Road) 35.49
Bernard Smith (TT) 36.03
John Tilly (Road) 36.57
Mike O'Conner (Road) 39.55

16-05-15 Peterborough 10 TT

On Saturday the 16th of May Tom Bailey and Bernard Smith rode the Peterborough 10. The weather was pleasantly warm with gusting north west wind. The winner was Brett Harwood with a 20:22. Bernard finished with a 30:30 and Tom managed a season's best of 30:01.

14-05-15 Lamport Evening TT

A wet and windy evening greeted the 18 plucky riders who braved the conditions for the second of the KCC Lamport Evening 10 Mile TT�s. The wind was coming from a North Easterly direction making the outgoing leg hard work but gave some relief on the way home. Due to the condition times where down from the previous week.
The overall winner was Tony Brown with a 24.24. Second was Daniel Bates with a 25.43 narrowly beating James Cook into third by 10 seconds.
Jon Thorne continued his winning ways in the road bike class with a 27.32. Gemma Royles won the Ladies with a 27.29 and Jonah Shrive won the Juniors with a 29.06.
Here are the full results:

Tony Brown (TT) 24.24
Daniel Bates (TT) 25.43
James Cook ( TT) 25.53
Neil Hammond (TT) 26.11
David Bucknall (TT) 26.13
Jon Thorne (Road) 27.22
Gemma Royles (TT) 27.29
Darren Cope (TT) 28.25
Jen Moffat (TT) 28.44
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 29.06
Neil White (Road) 29.35
Adrian Reed (Road) 30.39
Sue Davys (TT) 33.47
Tom Bailey (TT) 34.15
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 34.35
Mark Shaw (Road) 39.29

17-05-15 Broughton 10 TT

On Sunday morning 14 Competitors met in a lay by on the A43 just outside of Broughton for the 2nd visit of the season to the KCC Broughton 10 mile TT course.
The overall win was taken by Sam Barker (45RC) with a 22.03 beating Steve Peel (45RC) by 13 seconds, narrowly beating Stu Wright (Planet-X) by a single second.
Fastest KCC rider was Stu Jones with 23.01. Sue Rust took the double winning both the road bike class and the ladies with a 2749. Fastest junior was Maria Gent with a 31.32
Here are the full results:

Bernard Smith (TT) 32.38
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 31.32
Sue Rust (Road) 27.49
Martin Keable (TT) 28.28
Mick Wood (TT) 30.02
Stu Jones 23.01 (TT)
David Robinson (TT) 23.34
Gavin Wright (TT) 26.44
Noel Toone (Road) 28.35

07-05-15 Lamport Evening TT

Good conditions and a return to the Lamport 10 mile TT course led to a bumper entry of 40 riders including 30 riders from the Kettering Cycling Club.
The Lamport course starts on the outskirts of the village heading on the rolling road past the Draughton aerodrome to the A14 roundabout at Rothwell. The course then returns along the same road up the long hill away from Rothwell before returning to Lamport and swinging left onto the Old road with a short sprint to the finish line.
One of the riders present was 3 times Best British All rounder and multiple national champion Adam Topham. Adam was in the area and had put the call out on the Time Trial forum for a Time Trial he could attend. A KCC member had spotted this and asked him along. Unsurprisingly Adam won the event with a 21.25 beating the course record held by Sam Barker by 19 seconds.
Fastest KCC Rider was Chris Duckworth with a 23.27 beating Tony brown into seconds with a 24.14. David Robinson took the Road Bike class with a 25.56. The Junior category was won by Robbie Brightman with a 28.47. The ladies competition continues to be close with Gemma Royles beating Jen Moffat with a 26.50 by 32 seconds. Double win for Gemma as she also beat her partner Stuart by 7 seconds, not sure I would want to be in there house after that.
Here are the full results:

Chris Duckworth (TT) 23.27
Tony Brown (TT) 24.14
James Simons Boswell (TT) 24.21
Mark Booth (TT) 25.04
Daniel Bates (TT) 25.12
James Cook (TT) 25.40
David Robinson (Road) 25.56
Matt Tyrell (TT) 26.00
Eddy Clutton (TT) 26.07
Jamie Stockham (TT) 26.10
Alan Houghton (TT) 26.13
Tony Baross (TT) 26.47
Gemma Royles (TT) 26.50
Stuart Warren (TT) 26.57
Darren Cope (TT) 27.12
Jen Moffat (TT) 27.22
Marcus Buksh (TT) 27.32
Adrian Read (Road) 27.54
Robbie Brightman (TT, Junior) 28.47
Sue Rust (Road) 28.59
Mike Cope (TT) 29.13
Noel Toone (Road) 29.24
Chris Tew (TT, Junior) 29.32
Martin Keable (TT) 31.31
John Tilly (Road) 37.51
Bernard Smith (TT) 38.05
Sue Davys (TT) 31.07
Tom Bailey (TT) 31.52
Mike Wood (TT) 31.52
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 32.00
John Pick (Road, Chronos) 35.00

Adam Topham (TT, HWCC) 21.25
Graham Dolby (TT, Equip Velo) 23.50
Steve Peel (TT, 45RC) 24.02
Neil Barford (TT, 45RC) 24.18
Rob Weall (TT, Kingscliffe Flyers) 24.41
Simon Fitzhugh (TT, 45 RC) 25.02
Stu Plows (TT, 45RC) 26.06
Jordan Miller (Road, Come and Try) 26.20
Adrain Homer (TT, Northants Tri) 29.04
Steph Russell (Road, 45 RC) 30.27

09-05-15 N&DCA Round 3 Lamport TT

On Saturday the 9th May the 3rd round of the Northants and District Cycling Association TT took place on the Lamport 10 mile TT course. The event was run by the 45 Road Club.
The overall event was won by Matt Plews from the Welland Valley CC with a 23.05.
Great result for the KCC juniors as they took all 3 Podium places with George Evans winning with a 26.09, second was Chris Tew with a 30.50 and picking up 3rd was Maria Gent with a 32.55.
Several KCC riders took part, here are there results:
Chris Duckworth 25.36
George Evans 26.09
James Cook 26.11
Chris Tew 30.50
Mike O'Conner 31.52
Tom Bailey 32.36
Maria Gent 32.55
Michael Wood 33.39.

30-04-15 Grafton Underwood Evening TT

The last of the 4 Grafton Underwood evening TT's saw a return of the longer but less technical 13.2 mile course. Conditions where good although there was a head wind along the long A6116 section of the course. Chris Duckworth continued his winning ways by completing the course 1 minute and 42 seconds quicker than his nearest rival James Simons-Boswell. The close competition between Jon Thorne and Simon Frost continues in the road bike class with Jon taking the win by just over a minute. Jen Moffat took the ladies event with a 37.28 and George Evans continued his dominance of the Junior's with a 35.13.
The action moves to the Lamport course on Thursday the 7th May with the first riders away at 7.00pm. Anybody interested in taking part should be at the Old Village Hall by 6.30pm. Time Trialing is a great friendly no pressure way of getting into cycling as a sport. Doesn't matter what bike you have as long as you have a helmet, a flashing red light and can ride 10 miles you can take part.

Chris Duckworth (TT) 31.42
James Simons-Boswell (TT) 33.29
Dave Bucknall (TT) 33.35
Mark Weathersby (TT) 33.42
James Cook (TT) 34.39
Neil Hammond (TT) 34.54
George Evans (TT, Junior) 35.13
Jon Thorne (Road) 35.24
Jamie Stockham (TT) 35.37
Alan Houghton (TT) 36.02
Eddy Clutton (TT) 36.07
Simon Frost (Road) 36.29
Jen Moffat (TT) 37.28
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 38.06
Robbie Brightman (TT) 39.36
Chris Tew (TT, Junior) 40.31
Sue Davys (TT) 43.56
Tom Bailey (TT) 44.11
Martin Keable (TT) 44.15
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 45.08
John Tilly (Road) 55.10

25-04-15 Other KCC Results

Several riders took part in the 2nd round of the N&DCA championship on Saturday the 25th of April at Sawtry. The course is fairly flat with several rolling hills, There was a severe cross wind from the west which meant that bike handling was difficult on the open sections of the course. The overall winner was Simon Norman of Arbis Colbert with a 21.09.
The Kettering Cycling Club riders finished as follows:
Stuart Jones 23.46
James Cook 24.39
George Evans 25.17
Mike O'Conner 29.53
Chris Tew 30.39
Tom Bailey 30.44
Maria Gent 31.18
Michael Wood 31.20
Bernard Smith 34.35

Regular KCC Evening TT winner Chris Duckworth took part in the VTTA 25 on the A46 just south of Newark-on-Trent. The strong head wind on the outwards leg and the rain showers led to a difficult event. The overall winner was Matt Sinclair of Lutterworth Cycle Centre RT with a 50.24. Chris finished well just missing the hour with a 1.00.20.

When the going gets tough...

Not even (what felt like) gale force wind conditions could deter several new faces turning up last night to join the fun and skills sessions at the youth cycling club held at Rothwell last night (we're running an exciting competition to find a catchier name).

The advanced group used the wind to their advantage and practised group riding and experiencing the benefits of 'tucking in' and slip streaming whilst the beginners enjoyed learning how to dismount and mount their bikes without being blown over! The freewheel race down the big hill at the end was won by coach Malc proving that Newton's laws of motion and inertia really do work - we thought he'd never stop!

There are still a few places left, email or postal bookings only please, all details of our sessions on the club calendar. We look forward to seeing you there.

Looking for a name

We are trying to think of a new catchy name for the club (currently called Kettering Cycling Club Go-ride kids coaching sessions) and I am calling for your help!!

We need a snappy memorable name that spells out what the club is about, preferably (but not essential) with a design that we could print on club cycling tops.

As an incentive I have organised for a top Pro cyclist, British and former European Cyclo-cross Champion Helen Wyman to present the prize to the winner on the podium of The Friends life Womens Tour which is a world class cycling event coming to Kettering on Friday 19th June.

The only stipulation is that the winning child can attend the presentation which should be about lunchtime that day.

The prize is substantial and is being sponsored by our local C+D Cycles of Kettering

The closing date for this competition will be 1st June so get your thinking caps on and send your entries to:

Please book up your session (no more than 4 weeks in advance to give others the opportunity to join in too) before SUNDAY 7pm the week of your session either by

Email to OR

Post to Eco-Schools Coordinator at Brambleside Primary School, Cleveland Avenue, Kettering NN16Either scan any art work or let me have it on Tuesdays.

The coaches as a collective will decide on the winner.

Good luck!

Mark Evans