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Frank & Joy Sheppard Open 10 (Promoted by Gavin Hinxman, KCC)

20-08-15 Old 9.4 Evening TT

The last of the Old 9.4 mile evening TT's of the season saw a bumper turn out of 43 riders and warm but breezy conditions. Gavin Hinxman kept his unblemished club TT slate clean by again taking the win with a 20.55. Stu Jones took second with a 22.17 beating Mark Weathersby by a solitary second.
Sue Rust took the ladies with a 24.17. John Thorne took the road bike win with a 24.10 with Jonah Shrive winning the juniors with a 25.53. Maria Gent smashed her PB and got inside of the 30 minute mark for the first time with a 29.40. Were all looking forward to seeing what she can do on her shiny new TT bike next year.

Gavin Hinxman (TT) 20.55
George Evans/Josh Van Nierop (2 up TT) 22.15
Stu Jones (TT) 22.17
Mark Weathersby (TT) 22.18
David Robinson (TT) 22.22
Tony Brown (TT) 22.27
Maxine Johnson/Eddie Smith (2 Up TT) 23.02
Daniel Bates (TT) 23.08
Alan Houghton (TT) 23.39
Matt Tyrell (TT) 23.45
Jamie Stockham (TT) 23.50
James Cook (TT) 23.51
Jon Thorne (Road) 24.10
Chris Duckworth (Road) 24.16
Rob Bing (TT) 24.21
Sue Rust (TT) 24.27
Darren Cope (TT) 24.41
Philip Gray (TT) 25.12
Gemma Royles (TT) 25.22
Marcus Buksh (TT) 25.41
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 25.53
Simon Frost (Road) 26.01
Martin Keable (TT) 26.25
Adrian Gorham (TT) 26.34
Nick Davis (Road) 26.44
Jake Gatehouse (TT, Junior) 27.14
Mick O'Conner (Road) 28.14
Tom Bailey (TT) 29.00
Mick Wood (TT) 29.27
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 29.40
Bernard Smith (TT) 32.59
Anna Davis (Road) 36.22

Other results
Bryan Moore/Graham Dolby (2 Up TT, Equipe Velo) 20.48
Chris Moreham (TT, Kings Cliffe Flyers) 20.59
Mick Hodson (TT, St Ives CC) 21.05
Rob Weall (TT, 45 Road Club) 23.17
Duncan Andrews (Road, Come and Try) 24.30
Adrian Homer (Road, Northants Tri) 25.00
Rhinanna Rose (TT, Kings Cliffe Flyers) 25.30
Nicholas Richards (Road, Come and Try) 25.30

23-08-15 Planet X 2 Up TT Duston

On Sunday morning several KCC riders took part in the 2nd running of the Planet X 2 Up TT for Autism Concern. The event is held over 2 grueling laps of a very hilly 10 mile course just outside of Northampton at Duston. The course winds it's way from the New Sandy Lane Duston Bypass through Lower Harlestone, past Althorpe House before turning and heading up the very steep hill to Brington Church. The route then goes through both Great and Little Brington before again turn and passing through Nobottle. Before returning to the start for another lap. There was a strong head wind on the only flat part of the course, the return to the start which even that part of the course hard work.
Being a 2 up TT the riders set off in pairs taking turns at the front to allow the rider to catch there breath in the slipstream (in theory). Fastest KCC rider was Maxine Johnson with her riding partner Eddie Smith who finished in 56.46. The overall winners where Leigh Smith and Richard Golding finishing in 49.17.
Here are the other KCC results.
Maxine Johnson/ Eddie Smith 56.46
Matt Tyrell/James Cook 57.21
George Evans/John Van Nierop 57.36
Maria Gent/Harriet Evans 1.18.41

18-08-15 VCCB Alconbury

Tuesday the 18th saw the second closed circuit race event organized by VCCB at Alconbury.
The races take place on the former RAF airfield and perimeter tracks and all credit should be given to Paul Gripton and his team for organizing these.
The circuit is quite technical in places with a full variation in road surfaces.
Conditions on the night added to the challenging nature of the course with rain before and during the first race.
The length of the race, number and various skill levels of riders saw a breakaway of 9 form immediately after the first neutralized lap with Kettering Rider James Simons-Boswell in the break.
This broke into two groups as the Cambridge University riders went to the front and forced the pace further, James found himself slightly off the back of the first group after four laps as the spray made visibility difficult in some parts of the course.
As the pace stayed high a couple of riders from the front group dropped out and James eased off to take advantage of the protection offered by the second group.
As the riders took the bell the pace and conditions could be seen to be taking their toll so James attacked the second group from the line riding clear and closing to the first group to take 5th place.
1 Ben Webster (Welwyn WYS)
2 David Lee (Cambridge uni cc)
3 I Kirkpatrick (Essex road)
4 David Hennessy (St Neots)
5 James Simons-Boswell (KCC)
6 Bradley Nelson (Kassey CC)
7 Joseph Tney (St Ives)
8 Sam Taylor (kingscliffe)
9 Mark Tickner (Cambridge tri)
10 Barry Piggott (Royston CC)

17-08-15 Old 9.4 Evening TT

The penultimate Old TT of the season was only the second wet evening TT of the year. As such numbers where down with 21 riders taking to the start. Hopes where high for good times as the wind had changed direction and looked to push the riders along the Mawsley to Foxhall section and over the Draughton Airfield. Unfortunately this never came to fruition and times in general where down. Gavin Hinxman continued his undefeated run (apart from mechanical issues) and took the overall win with a 20.57. Tony Brown took second with a 22.16 with David Robinson rounding of the top 3 with a 22.51. George Evans finished 4th and took the junior win with a 23.10. Sue Rust took the ladies win with a 25.06.

Gavin Hinxman (TT) 20.57
Tony Brown (TT) 22.16
David Robinson (TT) 22.51
George Evans (TT, Junior) 23.10
James Cook (TT) 24.18
Sue Rust (TT) 25.06
Gemma Royles (TT) 25.21
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 25.58
Rob Bing (TT) 26.09
Jen Moffat (TT) 26.15
Jerome Smith (TT) 26.25
James Moore (TT, Come and Try) 27.06
Mick Wood (TT) 29.54
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 30.47
Bernard Smith (TT) DNS
Adrian Reed (Road) DNS

15-08-15 Leicester Forest 10

On Saturday two KCC members rode the Leicester Forest 10, weather was fine and warm with a light wind. The winner was Brett Harwood,Terry Wright Cycles, with a 19:57. Nick Davis achieved 26:44 and Tom Bailey finished with a 29:35.

06-08-15 Old 9.4 Evening TT

The 3rd of the KCC Old Evening TT's continued with the windy theme making the going tough across the Draughton Airfield. It was another warm night leading to hopes that the rest of the season will be favored with good conditions. With Gavin failing to finish due to a mechanical failure Rob Barker took the win with a 22.24 beating Tony brown by a solitary second. David Robinson finished 3rd with a 23.09 and in doing so moved into 2nd place in the championship ahead of David Bucknall. The race for the road bike category was almost as close with Simon Frost beating Jon Thorne into second by only 3 seconds. Fastest junior of the night was Jonah Shrive with a 25.20 and fastest lady was Jen Moffat with a 26.16.
Rob Barker (TT) 22.24
Tony Brown (TT) 22.25
David Robinson (TT) 23.09
Daniel Bates (TT) 23.20
Alan Houghton (TT) 23.24
Maxine Johnson / Eddie Smith (2 Up) 23.24
James Cook (TT) 23.41
Jamie Stockham (TT) 23.53
Simon Frost (Road) 24.15
Jon Thorne (Road) 24.18
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 25.20
Jen Moffat (TT) 26.16
Jerome Smith (TT) 26.34
Nick Davis (Come and Try, Road) 26.51
Mike O'Connor (Road) 28.39
Paul Blaxler (Road) 29.21
Michael Wood (TT) 29.43
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 31.00
Anna Davis (Road) 32.21
Sue Rust (TT) 33.39
Evelyn Clawson (TT) 37.09
Gavin Hinxman (TT) DNF

09-08-15 Broughton 10 TT

The last of the seasons Sunday morning TT's was held at Broughton and covered 10 miles on the A43 out and back to the Sywell roundabout. Conditions where almost perfect with a slight head wind on the way out which gave a nice push on the longer homeward bound leg. Turn out was good for this course with 20 riders taking the start. Gavin came back from his mechanical failure on Thursday to take the win with a 21.25 Tony Brown took second with a 22.20 with Rob Barker completing the top 3 with a 23.06. The road bike class was a dead heat with Simon Frost and Sian Edwards both finishing in 25.20. Sian completed the double by also being the fastest lady. Fastest junior and just missing her season target time by only 15 seconds was Maria Gent with a 30.15. With David Robinson finishing 4th and James Cook finishing 5th this has left David 106 points behind James in the championship, with only 3 TT's left and only 90 points available it is now mathematically impossible for David to catch James for the 2015 championship.
Gavin Hinxman (TT) 21.25
Tony Brown (TT) 22.20
Robert Barker (TT) 23.06
David Robinson (TT) 23.30
James Cook (TT) 24.09
Jamie Stockham (TT) 24.23
Alan Houghton (TT) 24.24
Simon Frost (Road) 25.20
Sian Edwards (Road) 25.20
Adrian Gorham (TT) 25.53
Sue Rust (TT) 26.30
Noel Toone (TT) 26.39
Dave Hodgson (Road) 27.24
Gemma Royles (Road) 28.10
Sue Davys (TT) 28.36
Mick Wood (TT) 28.57
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 30.15
Bernard Smith (TT) 32.01
John Tilly (TT) 33.50

30-07-15 Old 9.4 Evening TT

Thursday evening saw the 2nd of 5 of the 9.4 mile Old TT's. It was a warm evening with a slight head wind along the Mawsley to Foxhall section. This led to another bumper field of 40 riders taking to the start. Gavin Hinxman was the fastest of the night pushing to break the 20 minute barrier before the season is finished. Gavin got closer with a 20.41 improving on last week by 17 seconds. Mark Weathersby took 2nd with a 22.26 with David Robinson in 3rd with a 22.48. Fastest Road bike was Road Bike Championship leader Simon Frost with a 24.52. That result puts Simon over 100 points in front of nearest rival Jon Thorne with only 150 more points available. Jon is going to have with work cut out to claw Simon back in. Fastest lady was Sue Rust with a 24.23 and fastest Junior was Jonah Shrive with a 25.10.
Here are the full results:
Gavin Hinxman (TT) 20.48
Mark Weathersby (TT) 22.26
David Robinson (TT) 22.48
Matt Tyrrell (TT) 23.18
Maxine Johnson/Eddie Smith (2 Up TT) 23.21
Mark Booth (TT) 23.31
James Cook (TT) 23.33
Alan Houghton (TT) 23.49
Sue Rust (TT) 24.23
Jamie Stockham (TT) 24.40
Simon Frost (Road) 24.52
Darren Cope (TT) 24.56
Tony Baross (TT) 25.02
Craig Jackson (TT, Come and Try) 25.09
Jonah Shrive (TT, Junior) 25.10
Adrian Gorham (TT) 25.52
Barton Crewe (Road) 25.59
Jen Moffatt (TT) 26.07
Marcus Buksh (TT) 26.11
Joe Tyrton (Road, Come and Try) 26.14
Jerome Smith (TT) 26.39
Paul Blaxley (Road) 27.40
Sue Davys (TT) 28.14
Neil Key/Emily Key (Tandem) 28.24
Mick Wood (TT) 29.17
Tom Bailey (TT) 29.33
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 30.34
Bernard Smith (TT) 32.40
John Tilley (TT) 33.21

02-08-15 KCC Old 25 Mile TT

On Sunday morning 10 riders took part in the last long distance TT of this years KCC calender. The 25 mile race takes in 2 and a half laps of the Old course. With a total change of wind direction from Thursday night there was a slight tail wind along the Mawsley to Foxhall section but a head wind along the Draughton Airfield. Tony Brown celebrated his birthday with an overall win with a time of 61.30. James Cook came in 2nd with a 65.43 with Adrian Gorham completing the podium with a 72.43. Fastest road bike was Dave Hodgson with a 76.18. Fastest lady was Sue Davys with a 79.36 and fastest junior was Maria Gent with a 88.18.
Tony Brown (TT) 61.30
James Cook (TT) 65.43
Adrian Gorham (TT) 72.43
Dave Hodgson (Road) 76.18
Mick Wood (TT) 79.00
Sue Davys (TT) 79.36
Maria Gent (TT, Junior) 88.18

01-08-15 Chronos RT 10 mile TT

3 KCC members rode the Chronos RT 10 on Saturday on the F2A/10 course on the A 428 road turning at Caxton Gibbet.
Rob Barker finished with a 21:48, Tom Bailey with a 28:31, his best for two seasons, Bernard Smith did a 31:21.
The winner was Mick Hodson clocking 19:57. The weather was fine and warm with a cross head wind to the turn.

Prudential Ride London 100

On Sunday morning 10 KCC riders made an early start to take part in the Prudential Ride London 100. Although this is a sportive and not a race the riders are still timed. The route takes in the roads of London and Surrey and includes the climbs of Leith Hill and Box Hill. The course is the same which was raced on later the same day by the professionals.
Here is a list of the riders and there finishing times:
Mark Evans 5:06:58
Neill Hammond 4:30:13
Maxine Johnson 5:41:04
Richard Morson 4:45:03
David Robinson 4:28:28
Sue Rust 5:06:14
Natalie Sharp 7:36:13
Jerome Smith 6:05:13
James Stokes 4:23:44
Malcolm Vincent 5:12:18