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KCC Evening TT - Lamport
Timekeeper: Gavin Hinxman
Timekeeper: Martin Keable
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Michael Cope

Evening TT - Lamport
Timekeeper: Jon Thorne
Timekeeper: Mark Booth
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Tom Bailey

Evening TT - Lamport
Timekeeper: Hugh Shrive
Timekeeper: James Cook
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Gavin Wright

KCC 25 Championship TT - Old circuit
Timekeeper: Adrian Read
Assistant: Hugh Shrive
Marshal: John Tilley

KCC Evening TT - Lamport
Timekeeper: Tony Brown
Timekeeper: Sue Davys
Assistant: Ken Vatcher
Marshal: Daniel Bates
Friday Night With The Cyclones

A sunny evening saw 139 competitors from all over the region eagerly descend on Desborough Green Space to take advantage of the excellent trails and woodland single track. Kettering CC was very proud to host round 2 of the Friday Night Summer Mountain- bike race series and were not disappointed by the great turn out and enthusiasm from the riders and crowds alike.

A big thank you to all spectators and competitors who supported this event with a special mention to Catherine Ruffley from British Cycling who organised and delivered an action packed Go-ride kids race near the Leisure Centre.

Hopefully this fantastic event has inspired many to jump on their bikes and have a go especially the crowds of kids who went along to cheer the older Mountain bike riders. Kettering Cycling Club welcomes new members of all abilities and delivers regular events including weekly time trials, Sunday club runs and a range of competitions throughout the year. For more information of what's going on please view our regularly up-dated club calendar.

05-05-15 Lamport Evening 10mile TT

The first of the Lamport 10 mile TT's was held on the course running from Lamport to Rothwell and back. 25 riders took part in the warm up for next weeks 10 mile Championship held on the same course.
With the first proper summer evening to meet the riders with low wind good times where the order of the evening.
Tony Brown continues his winning form taking the top spot with a 23.59. David Robinson took second closing the gap to Tony to only 15 seconds with a 24.14, closely followed by Mark Weathersby with a 24.32. Fastest lady of the evening with a 26.53 was Sue Rust. Fastest junior was Maria Gent with a 30.52 and fastest rider from the Kettering Cyclones was Charlie Stockham with a 32.56.
Here are the full results:
Tony Brown (TT) 23.59
David Robinson (TT) 24.14
Mark Weathersby (TT) 24.32
Mark Booth (TT) 24.46
Daniel Bates (TT) 25.18
Will Philips (Road) 25.35
Darren Cope (TT) 25.45
Chris Duckworth (TT) 26.12
Mike Wheeler (TT) 26.38
Martin Keable (TT) 26.46
Chris Brennan (TT) 26.46
Sue Rust (TT) 26.53
Simon Frost (TT) 27.08
Rob Bing (TT) 27.31
Adrian Read (Road) 27.53
Mike Cope (TT) 28.29
Phil Nudds (TT) 29.09
Maria Gent (TT, Junior)30.52
Tom Bailey (TT) 31.54
Mick Wood (TT) 31.58
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 32.56
Paul Blaxley (Road) DNS

Mick Hodson (TT, St Ives CC) 22.31
Ollie Duffy (Road, Northants Tri) 26.25
Michael Church (TT, RFW) 28.35
Robert Gaskill (Road, Northants Tri) 28.38

14-05-16 N&DCA Lamport 10 mile TT

On Saturday 4 KCC riders took part in the N&DCA 10 mile TT on the Lamport course. The weather was great with virtually no wind until the thunderstorm predicted at 3 turned up 1 minute early at 2.59 just before Gavin Hinxman left the start. This did not slow Gavin down who took the overall victory with a 22.04 which was a personal best for the course. This will hopefully lead to 21 minute time at the club 10 championship next week.
Other KCC riders where Maria Gent who finished 2nd the Junior category with a 31.47. She was sandwiched between Tom Bailey with a 31.20 and Mick Wood with a 31.56

28-04-16 13.2M Grafton Underwood Evening TT

9 KCC riders earned there honorary Belgian Citizenship on Thursday night by taking part in the last of the Grafton Underwood TT's in horrendous conditions. With a very strong gusty wind coming from the South West times for the first 2 thirds of the course where good, although the last section from the Brigstock to the finish was substantially slower. With heavy showers drenching the riders the going was very tough and the times showed this.
Fastest of the night was Tony Brown with a 33.40, second was Mark Weathersby with a 34.30 and rounding of the Podium was James Cook with a 35.13. Fastest Road Bike of the night was Adrian Read with a 41.23 although this time would have been lower had Adrian not got slightly lost en route. Fastest lady was Sue Davys with a 44.35 and Fastest junior was Bethany Spencer with a 50.34.
Here are the full results:
Tony Brown (TT) 33.34
Mark Weathersby (TT) 34.30
James Cook (TT) 35.13
Jon Thorne (TT) 36.53
Martin Keable (TT) 38.17
Adrian Read (Road) 41.23
Sue Davys (TT) 44.35
Tom Bailey (TT) 45.48
Bethany Spencer (Road, Junior) 50.34

01-05-16 Welsh Cycling Association 25M TT

Darren Cope & Gavin Hinxman ignored the weather forecasts & traveled down to South Wales on Sunday morning to participate in the Welsh Cycling Association, 25 on the R25 course at Hirwaun. Both riders ended up with a soaking but despite that were both rewarded with personal best rides.
Darren broke the magical 60mins for the first time (prev best exactly 60.00), this time well inside with 59 mins & 14 seconds, a great ride on a far from perfect day.
Gavin broke his own club record, beating the 51 min barrier for the first time with 50.55 for 8th place on the day.
The fastest rider & winner of this Welsh National championship was Kieron Davies of drag2zero in 47 mins 32 secs

21-04-16 13.2M Grafton Underwood Evening TT

Riders for the penultimate visit to Grafton Underwood met with a dry but windy evening for the 13.2 mile TT. A good turn out of 25 riders took to the start. The wind coming from the north west made the journey along the A6116 from Islip to Brigstock very difficult but then led to a number of fastest times across the notorious "Brigstock Bumps" between Brigstock and Grafton.
Dave Robinson is continuing his assault on the 2016 championship with another victory with a 32.20. Tim Hartley taking second with his last TT before attempting an Iron man Triathlon with a 33.07 and rounding off the podium fresh from his age group victory at the Duston Triathlon with a 33.14 was Mark Weathersby. Fastest road bike was Will Philips with a 34.12. Fastest lady of the evening continuing her great string of results was Sue Rust with a 35.39 and fastest junior with a 45.37 was Bethany Spencer.
Dave Robinson (TT) 32.20
Tim Hartley (TT) 33.07
Mark Weathersby (TT) 33.14
George Evans (TT) 33.33
Dan Bates (TT) 33.58
Will Philips (Road) 34.12
Jon Thorne (TT) 34.25
Chris Duckworth (TT) 34.40
James Cook (TT) 34.47
Neil Hammond (Road) 35.20
Sue Rust (TT) 35.39
Simon Frost (TT) 35.51
Phil Nudds (TT) 38.14
Pete Dewsnap (Road) 38.24
Paul Sturges (Road) 38.27
Alan Spencer (Road) 42.03
Sue Davys (TT) 42.11
Maria Gent (TT) 43.02
Mick Wood (TT) 43.27
Bethany Spencer (Road, Junior) 45.37
Charlie Stockham (Road, Junior) 46.33
John Tilly (Road) 57.17

Ed Tarelli (Team PB) 33.12
Danny Metherrell (C&D) 35.29
Alistair Wyides (Come and Try) 35.41

23-04-16 N&DCA Sawtry 10M TT

5 KCC riders took part in the N&DCA 10 mile TT at Sawtry on Saturday. A chilly north east wind made it difficult to the turn.
Tony Brown was the fastest KCC rider with a 23.45 followed by Mark Booth 25;01, Maria Gent 31:02 Mick Wood 32:01 and Tom Bailey 32:53.
The winner was Mick Hodson with a 21:52.

Summer dates for Kettering Cyclones

Here are the summer dates for KCC Cyclones. We have had a great Spring start to the Cyclones year with lots of new riders and venues with lots going on to try our fun Go-ride races, closed circuit races at MK Bowl and Mallory as well as some over 12's doing the Kettering CC Thursday Time Trial series. please see all the tabs on our Kids page on the website for more details of our venues and The cyclones in general.

2nd ? Rothwell Cyclones
7th (Saturday 19-21.00) ? DERBY ARENA track experience
12th (Thursday. Sign on 6.15) ? Rockingham Raceway GO-Ride Race Closed Circuit tarmac
16th ? Rothwell Cyclones
24th (Tuesday 18.15 sign on) ? Mallory Park ? This is KCC night so volunteers required early please.
20th (Friday) ? Go-ride Race at Desborough leisure Centre followed by KCC Cyclones hosted Friday Night Summer Series (FNSS) MTB race (age 12 and above)
23rd - KBA / Weekley Glebe
30th ? 4th June - Half Term - A possible special tbc (Pitsford Reservoir or Fineshade) tbc

6th ? Rothwell
13th ? KBA / Weekley Glebe
23rd (Thursday. Sign on 6.15) ? Rockingham Raceway GO-Ride Race Closed Circuit tarmac
27th ? Desborough Leisure Centre

6th (Wednesday) ? Rockingham Raceway GO-Ride Race Closed Circuit tarmac
11th ? KBA ? Weekley Glebe Cyclones session
18th ? Rothwell (Manor Park dependent on conditions)
25th ? KBA ? Weekley Glebe Cyclones session

2nd (Tuesday) ? Mallory Park kids racing series ? Volunteers required early please.
8th - KBA / Weekley Glebe Cyclones session
15th ? Rothwell ? Go-Ride Race MTB / Cross
22nd - Desborough Leisure Centre

PLEASE NOTE that all the Cyclone dates above have been uploaded onto the Kettering Cycling Club Online Calendar (click calendar on the menu bar). All events that appear on the calendar are correct on 10/05/16. Please check the Kettering Cyclones Facebook page for the latest news, photos and any change of plan.

Please also note that this web-based Google calendar can be accessed from practically any computer or mobile device with an internet connection. You can sync your Google Calendar with your iPhone and many other calendar apps. You may have to enable Google apps on your device in order to view these dates.

07-04-16 Grafton Underwood 13.2m TT

KCC TT riders have been busy this week with the first Evening TT of the calender and riders attending 3 separate open TT's
The first of this years' evening TT's was held at Grafton Underwood on Thursday 07th April.
Mixed conditions, with a cool westerly breeze greeted riders and a sharp shower doused the roads as the first competitors rolled out.
The 13.2 mile course begins on the outskirts of Grafton Underwood and runs through the village, with a left turn leading them on to Slipton. The course drops out of Slipton and left towards Thrapston, followed by a long drag along the A6116. After turning off the main road into Brigstock, competitors then tackle the Brigstock bumps on the final climb towards the finish at Grafton Underwood.
Riders were faced with a fresh, new Tarmac surface at Slipton which, although bringing welcome relief from last years' pot-holes, offered a greasy challenge once wet.
Tony Brown won with a slim margin, finishing in 32:57 ahead of David Robinson's 33:07. Tim Hartley finished third in 33:48. Fastest lady was Sue Rust in 41:12. Simon Goodson brought the first road bike home in 36:42.
Here are the full results:
Tony Brown (TT) 32.57
David Robinson (TT) 33.07
Tim Hartley (TT) 33.48
Neil Key (TT) 34.51
Eddy Clutton (TT) 36.27
Martin Keable (TT) 36.42
Simon Goodson (Come and Try) 36.42
Jonah Shrive (Road) 37.18
Adrian Tilley (TT) 37.39
Simon Frost (TT) 37.44
Pete Dewsnap (Road) 38.25
Chris Brennan (TT) 38.42
Philip Grey (Road) 39.13
Sue Rust (TT) 41.12
Maria Gent (TT) 43.53
Alan Spencer (Road) 48.31
Bethany Spencer (Road) 48.33
John Tilley (Road) 57.05
Report by Martin Keable

09-04-16 E2 25m TT Newmarket

On Saturday 7 KCC riders took part in a 25 mile TT on the E2/25 course just north of Newmarket. The course which runs out and back along the A14 and the A11 is a super fast dual carriage course which is shown in the fantastic times recorded by all the riders. Although there where some showers whilst the riders were warming up the rain stopped before the riders got away. There was a 10mph headwind on the outward leg, giving the riders a slight push on the way home. With Tony Brown's, David Robinson's and Darren Cope's time combined this is a new KCC mens 25 mile Team TT record. Whilst Marcus Buksh and Sian Edwards set a new Club record for the mixed tandem over 25 miles.
Here are the KCC riders results:
Tony Brown 54.15
David Robinson 55.58
Darren Cope 1.00.00
Marcus Buksh and Sian Edwards (Tandem) 1.01.03
Sue Rust 1.01.04
Sue Davys 1.10.46

09-04-16 N&DCA 18.7m TT Middleton

Three KCC riders rode the N&DCA 18.7 Mile TT on a chilly Saturday afternoon on the hilly Rockingham Wheelers course at Middleton. Mick Wood posted 1:01:09, Tom Bailey managed 1:01:35 slightly better than last year and Maria Gent finished with a 1:02:19. The winner was Kristian Woolf.

10-04-16 Beds Road CC 25m TT

On Sunday morning 3 KCC riders rode the Beds Road CC 25 mile TT on the F1/25.
Conditions where cold but dry for the run out and back along the A1 from Sandy to just north of Stevenage. All three KCC riders finished within a minute of each other with Eddie Clutton fastest in 1:03:44, Adrian Gorham set a new 25 mile PB with a 1:04:27. Noel Toone was only 17 seconds of his course PB set in 1987 with a 1.04.36.