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Central CX league Round 4&5

Central CX league Round 4

Today's race at Hemel Hempstead was certainly gruelling! Steep slopes and slippery leaves for all, yet we prevailed with positive placing for everybody.

Our under 10s had great races today! Jake podiumed, coming 3rd after an incredibly strong and fast last lap pushing him from 5th to 3rd. He is now first in the over all standings! And still had energy to spare to cheer...
Taz also had an amazing race coming 4th, ensuring a 3rd in the over all standings!

Eddie, today's lone Under 12, also did spectacularly. he came 14th whilst battling steep slopes. Eddie is now 7th in the over all standings.

Our under 14s also did incredibly well, with Dominic coming 9th (beating his rival Huw) meaning he is 8th over all. And we also had an unexpected appearance from Finn, who charged round the course and corkscrews (Sorry we don't know where abouts he came).

The under 16s also did tremendously with our high flier (rider??) Josh, coming 4th, trail blazing for all the cyclones in the race. He is 5th over all. Will also did well coming 12th, despite a crash on the corkscrew, and although his over all placing yet to be confirmed, he is certainly shining the vibrant club colours.

Our coach Andy, also raced today in a fast, action-packed race, and performed very well despite a crash. As did Mike, who blitzed round the course, and also came off at exactly the same spot on the corkscrew as Will!!

Also, Cyclones would like to congratulate everyone's favourite MK under 8, Millie Botha, for coming 1st in her race.

Congratulations everybody who raced today, you did spectactualy! Also, a special thanks to all the parents who travelled everybody all the way to Hemel today and cheered from every corner of the course.

-- Francesca.

Central CX league Round 5

Great racing today at Milton Keynes in ferocious high winds and intermittent drizzle -but it didn't dampen the Cyclones enthusiasm.
School holidays meant our numbers were down but not so the numbers in the races today. I always write about where the Cyclones come because that is important to them especially against their friends/rivals from other clubs but often it's about mastering a skill or cutting their time on starts or mounts or dismounts or just being more consistent on timings for each lap. Milton Keynes Bowl is used frequently throughout the Season so they can see their own personal progress whichever measure they are using.

U12's we had Ruben, Eddie and Amelia in a field of 30. Amelia finished in second with a great performance (the wind making it so much harder) Eddie had another strong finish, the hillclimbs were not as hard as last week. RUBEN-we are all so proud of you today, you ran the first M climb and we thought oh no he's not going to have a good race and stormed up down and round that M climb riding your bike for the next 4 laps - brilliant! Skills work paying off there coaches.

In Under 14's Dominic and Stirling both had great races After what can only be everycourse setters biggest nightmare, some of the u 16s riders managed to go off course (not sure how it happened) and the race had to be stopped and restarted - not good for anyone. Challenging downhill switchback in the top right corner saw repeated falls and the wind was whipping stakes out and breaking tape all over the course. Everyone achieved something new today, as always the Cyclones supporters were proud to be cheering on our amazing team!

Stirling's Dad -Andy - raced in the novices and enjoyed it today as well.



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