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Central CX league Round 3

Round 3 of the Central League Cyclocross at Leighton Buzzard was in stark contrast to last year's torrential rain. Overnight downpours had softened the ground but on Sunday morning we travelled down in brilliant sunshine and the event stayed dry throughout.

Once again this round was held at Cedars Upper School on the mostly pan flat playing fields. It makes for fast racing! They did still manage to put some good features in with tight turns and hurdles. It was a good course and congratulations to LBRCC for staging the event.

There are three things that struck me watching yesterday. Firstly you can see the effects that coaching is having on the Cyclones. There were numerous examples of good technique which the coaches should be rightly proud of. Secondly, the effort level was enormous. The cyclones left nothing out there and all looked shattered at the end of their races. Thirdly there is a great sense of enjoyment...actually I think there's a fourth thing; camaraderie. We have a lovely group spirit in the club!
In the under 10's Jake Bird continues where he left off from last season. The step up to the older age group is no barrier to our little superstar as he stormed to another 2nd place. That would be enough to wear out most mere mortals but Jake spent the rest of the day riding round the circuit not being used by the older age groups! Jake wasn't our only success though as Tasmin Crabtree managed a third place in the under 10 girls race. Taz then decided to take over photo duty from me, getting some great shots of our Cyclones.

In the under 12's Eddie Hennah battled hard for his 9th place. Don't be fooled into thinking the flat course made it easier, they all just went faster.

In the under 14's things got even tougher with a longer course and having to race with the under 16's and novices. A crash at the start took Dominic Bell out with a number of other riders but they all got back on and Dom battled on with great tenacity to a creditable 10th place. Charlie Crabtree, who I will commend again for hurdling technique, went one better in 9th. Sam Lindsley came in 21st and as his Dad I was proud of him for achieving our stated goals: to enjoy it and smile!

The under 16's boys was fiercely competitive with Josh Brown taking a 3rd place, Will Deely 6th and Charlie Stockham 7th. I will need to check my facts with Victoria but at his time my understanding is that they all took tumbles at different points in the ride. It's a tough sport this cyclocross! Bethany Spencer was once again our Cyclones stalwart in the under 16 girls with a very well deserved 3rd place. The effort was written all over her face and Dad, Alan, (18th) racing in the novices should in fact be stone right now due to the look she gave him as he overtook her. Also in the novices was Will's Dad, Mike (22nd.)

Final mentions of the day go to Cyclones coach James Simons-Boswell and Jamie Stockham racing in the Vets 40-49 category. The field was huge with Jamie coming 71st out of 84 in the affiliated riders. James is unaffiliated and came 2nd out 7 riders but it makes my brain hurt trying to work out the overall results for affiliated and unaffiliated riders.

Well done to everyone involved and here's to next week!


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